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Andrea Callard
by Andrea Callard
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West of the World Trade Center was an open field edged by a retaining wall. On Memorial Day, 1976, I made this by throwing rocks at the rebar with Bernice Rubin and Richard Friedman. This is a Super 8mm film that has been preserved on 16mm film and also digitized.
Topic: Andrea Callard, Flora Funera (for Battery Park City), Talking Landscape
XFR STN Project
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16mm footage of late night streets of Austin, Texas. Transferred to VHS.
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A commercial from the early '70s assuring parents that on this station your child "might see bad guys, but not in the role of heroes."  In my opinion, the villains were always more fun.
Topics: classic tv commercial, National Association of Broadcasters, forest, turtle, river, children,...
Marion Stokes Movies & Video Collection
by Marion Stokes
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Super 8mm film recording, no sound, part of Marion Stokes' personal papers. Curator notes from Michael Metelits : Paris Night bus tour
Topics: Super8, Marion Stokes, Philadelphia